Best Electric Bikes For Seniors [Quick guide]

Two cycling persons with the title Best Electric Bikes For Seniors

Welcome friend! Electric bikes are the perfect way to get around for many seniors. In this post, you will find information on the best electric bikes for seniors. What Are Electric Bikes? Electric bikes are bicycles with an additional electric motor that assists you in propelling the bike forward. Typically the motor only assists you … Read more

running program for seniors [with tips]

running program for seniors

Today we will look at a simple running program for seniors. If you are interested in running but aren’t quite sure if it’s healthy or even possible for seniors, read on, I’ve got the answers for you! Running is one of the most fundamental and natural forms of exercise for humans right after walking. We … Read more

Nordic Walking For Seniors [Best Form Of Exercise?]

Seniors pole walking in countryside with the title Nordic walking for seniors

In this post, you will learn about nordic walking for seniors. Read on to find out why Nordic walking might be the best exercise for seniors! Never heard of Nordic walking? That’s alright, many have not. If you have never heard of Nordic walking, it’s a funny-looking sport that looks like skiers forgot their skis … Read more

HIIT For Seniors [Read This Before Trying]

Exercise bikes in a gym with the title HIIT for seniors

In this article, you will learn about HIIT for seniors. HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a popular training method these days. But is it safe for seniors? Read on to find out! If you have read any health magazines or seen pretty much anything physical training-related, you have likely heard about high-intensity interval training. … Read more

Low Impact Cardio For Seniors – How To Do It Right

A couple walking with the title Low impact cardio for seniors

In this article, you will learn about low impact cardio for seniors. Low impact cardio doesn’t build significant strength but it has an important function in improving recovery and maintaining endurance and stamina. It also has very beneficial effects on heart health and circulation. These are all things that naturally decline as we get older. … Read more

Cardiovascular Exercises For The Elderly [Easy Tips]

Running shoes with the title Cardiovascular exercises for the elderly

In this article, you will learn what are the best cardiovascular exercises for the elderly and why cardio is so important for your health as you get older. Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio for short, usually refers to aerobic endurance exercises like running, jogging, and walking. But actually, almost any exercise can be regarded as cardio … Read more