Best Constipation Remedies For Seniors

A man holding his stomach with the tite Best Constipation Remedies For Seniors

Welcome friend! In this post, you will learn about the best constipation remedies for seniors. There are many remedies but I’ve found two common and cheap ones to be superior to anything else. Ah, constipation. The favorite topic of discussion of everyone. Isn’t it? Sorry for the sarcasm. I guess the older you get the … Read more

Weighted Blankets For Seniors [Guide]

weighted blankets for seniors

In this post, you will learn about weighted blankets for seniors. Weighted blankets are claimed to help a lot of ailments so we will look at if there’s any evidence to these claims. Originally a niche treatment product of medical professionals and therapists, weighted blankets have become mainstream in recent years. Originally used to help … Read more

The Best Chair Yoga DVD For Seniors

best chair yoga dvd for seniors

In today’s post, you will find my recommendation for the best chair yoga DVD for seniors and we will talk a bit about why yoga is so great for the aging body. While many older folks probably didn’t hear about yoga when growing up, I’m sure you have in recent years heard about how beneficial … Read more