Is Swimming Good For Seniors? [Short Guide]

A man in a pool wit a title Is swimming good for seniors

Hello friend! In this post, you will find the answer to a common question from seniors looking to maintain and improve their fitness and health: Is swimming good for seniors? I’m sure you have heard that swimming is a great form of exercise because it’s easy on the joints and the back. This is one … Read more

Best Roller Skates For Seniors [Quick Guide]

best roller skates for seniors

Not many seniors think about starting roller skating but it’s actually a great hobby. In this quick guide, I’ll show you what are the best roller skates for seniors! Rollers skating and skateboarding are usually seen as activities of the youth but more and more adults and seniors are giving these excellent forms of exercise … Read more

Free Pedometers for Seniors (Simple Guide)

free pedometers for seniors

Pedometers help you motivate and follow the amounts you walk daily. Today we will talk about pedometers for seniors. Walking is extremely beneficial for your health and it should be the stable of your daily exercise routine as you age. While getting plenty of walking daily is relatively easy, it’s even easier to let it … Read more

Swimming Exercises for Seniors [With Tips!]

Swimming Exercises for Seniors

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact exercise for seniors so today we will talk about swimming exercises for seniors! I talk a lot about the benefits and importance of exercise and especially strength training for seniors. Sometimes I tend to forget, as to other healthy people, that all seniors can’t or don’t want to … Read more

Free Exercise Equipment For Seniors [Free Guide]

A man walking on a beach with the title Free exercise equipment for seniors

Looking to start exercising but don’t have money to spend on a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment. I’ve got good news for you! Check out these free exercise equipment for seniors. Improving your fitness through exercise is incredibly important as you age. You might have gotten away with avoiding exercise in your younger years … Read more