Indoor Cycling For Seniors [Short Guide With Tips]

Welcome friend! In this post, you will learn about the benefits of indoor cycling for seniors and some food for thought if it’s something you might get into.

Cycling is a great form of cardio that most people find both effective and fun at the same time! But in many places cycling is only enjoyable during the summer months. What can you do then?

You can face the same dilemma if you are feeling insecure about your ability to cycle in traffic due to aging. There is no shame in admitting it when our reaction time and balance have deteriorated to the point that it might be wiser to put the old bike in the garage for good.

Whatever the reason – when you are unable to cycle outside there are fortunately great options for indoor cycling these days!

But is indoor cycling a good option for seniors looking to stay fit? Let’s find out!

What Is Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a form of exercise where you use a stationary exercise bike to cycle indoors. In its simplest form, this means cycling on an exercise bike in your home or the gym.

Exercise bikes have existed for a long time and they’ve been a great tool for professional cyclers during the off-season as well as a great exercise tool for improving cardiovascular conditioning.

In the past Exercise bikes used to be loud, heavy, and required as much maintenance as a real road bike. This is because they used some form of friction device to create resistance. This would produce sound and heat and also would wear down quickly.

Technology has evolved and indoor bikes come in many forms. From regular stationary exercise bikes to recumbent bikes and road bike trainers. The resistance is typically produced either by magnetic resistance or air blades. This makes modern indoor bikes silent and almost maintenance-free.

While indoor cycling at home is still popular, there are also group classes of spinning. Spinning is a form of indoor cycling that typically involves high intensities in a group setting.

Probably the most boring thing about indoor cycling is the fact that you are stuck with the same scenery or your TV. Technology has offered a solution to this as well. There are virtual screen for indoor cycling classes and you can even get a virtual reality app for indoor cycling.

Why Indoor Cycling Is Great For Seniors

So is indoor cycling good for older people? The short answer is yes. Indoor cycling is one of the easiest and safest forms of cardiovascular exercise and requires a lot less skill

As you surely are aware, indoor cycling doesn’t require you to balance the bike since it’s fixed to the floor. This means that all you need to do is cycle the pedals. So if you are someone who never learned to ride a bike or lost the ability indoor cycling is still suitable for you.

Indoor bikes require relatively little space in your apartment or house if you want to do cardio inside. It’s very easy to squeeze in a half an hour session of cycling a few times per week while watching the TV for example.

Cycling is also easier on the joints if you have arthritis or other joint issues that prevent you from walking or jogging long distances. You can typically get a lot better workout without pain with a cycle. That said, always check with your doctor or physical therapist if you have any conditions that affect your legs.

Cycling in general is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that can be done in different intensities for different effects. For seniors, it offers the benefit of helping to maintain leg strength even though it’s not as effective for that as strength training.

How To Get Started With Indoor Cycling

If you want to get started with indoor cycling, my recommendation is to try it at a gym first. Most gyms (even non-commercial ones) have at least one stationary bike but usually, there are several models.

This allows you to try with a small investment if it’s something you enjoy and what type of exercise bike would be the best fit for you.

There are spinning classes for seniors, so you could try a class to see if you would enjoy a group setting for exercise motivation and socializing.

If you like indoor cycling and decide to get a stationary bike for home, you can check the article best stationary bike for seniors for tips.

A Word For Regular Cycling

While indoor cycling is great for fitness I want to say a good word for actual cycling. The truth is that indoor biking is a great form of exercise but that’s all it is. Exercise.

Real cycling has many benefits over indoor cycling so I recommend you to cycle outside if and when possible.

Cycling is not just a form of exercise, it’s a mode of transport. It can help you get around while enjoying the scenery and fresh air and sunshine. Not to mention it can be great fun!

You also get the chance to run into people you know. All this while getting your daily exercise in!

Cycling is also great for maintaining your balance skill since it challenges it constantly even though you don’t really think about it once you know how to ride a bike. Just like with walking. But just remember back when you tried to ride a bike for the first time as a kid, wasn’t that easy, was it?

That’s an incredibly complex skill of maintaining balance on a moving bike that your body is doing. Appreciate it and don’t let it degrade. It’s much easier to maintain something you already know than to learn new skills, especially as a senior.


I hope you enjoyed this short post about indoor cycling. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As a recap, Indoor cycling is a great form of cardio for seniors that can help you get your exercise at home or at the gym. It’s wise to try it at a gym before investing in one at home so you know if you enjoy it and don’t end up with an expensive cloth rack.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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