Free Pedometers for Seniors (Simple Guide)

free pedometers for seniors

Pedometers help you motivate and follow the amounts you walk daily. Today we will talk about pedometers for seniors. Walking is extremely beneficial for your health and it should be the stable of your daily exercise routine as you age. While getting plenty of walking daily is relatively easy, it’s even easier to let it … Read more

The Best Tablet for Seniors [Simple Guide]

best tablet for seniors

Tablets are great for using multimedia and staying in touch with loved ones. 2020 is almost here so today we will look at the best tablet for seniors! Tablet computers became very popular around a decade ago when the first iPads hit the market with a force. Suddenly your personal computer was this slim device that … Read more

Best Computer Mouse for Seniors [Top Picks]

Best computer mouse for seniors

In this post you will learn about the best computer mouse for seniors.  After writing an extensive post about the best laptop for the elderly, I thought it was necessary to write a short post about the best computer mouse for seniors. IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY HERE ARE MY RECOMMENDATIONS: Best Trackball Mouse … Read more

Best Laptop For The Elderly [Simple Guide]

Best laptop for the elderly

I a horry? Here are the winners after several hours of research HP 15.6″ Touchscreen laptop Large, easy to read touch screen Long battery life SSD hard drive Windows 10 OS Apple Macbook Pro Very sharp screen Compact High performance and quality Apple OS X Acer 15.6″ Chromebook Affordable Compact Has all the Google tools … Read more