Krav Maga For Seniors

A persons fist with the title Krav Maga For Seniors

Welcome! In this short article, you will learn about Krav Maga for seniors. Is it a good fit for seniors? Is it safe? I’ll answer all this and more. Krav Maga is not the most well-known self-defense discipline but it’s one of the most effective. What sets it apart from martial arts like Karate or … Read more

Peloton For Seniors – Is It Good For You?

A silhouette of a person cycling with the title Peloton For Seniors

Welcome friend! In this article, you will learn about peloton for seniors. Is Peloton suitable for seniors, what features do they offer, and so on? You might have heard about Peloton but are not sure about if it’s suitable for seniors. Peloton has become really popular in the past years. Especially during the pandemic. You … Read more