Tricep extensions (for seniors)

In today’s episode of the exercise library, we’ll talk about tricep extensions. Tricep extensions for seniors are an effective way to build tricep strength. Read on to learn why tricep strength is important for seniors. While I’ve talked a lot about the importance of compound movements and lower body strength, some isolation movements are more … Read more

Leg press (for seniors)

Leg press for seniors

The leg press is an effective lower body strength exercise for seniors that can improve your leg strength and muscle mass very fast. While the leg press is not ideal for functional strength like the squat or the deadlift, it has several benefits for seniors. Unlike squats or deadlifts, leg press doesn’t require good posture … Read more

Calf raises (for seniors)


In previous posts in my exercise library, I have covered lower-body movements like deadlifts and squats. They are great but they leave out one important muscle group of the legs. The calves! There’s no better exercise for calves than calf raises. Read on why they are a must for seniors! Calves are probably one of … Read more

Planks (for seniors)

planks for seniors

Planks are the perfect abdominal and core exercise for seniors. Read on to find out why! The abdominal and core muscles consist of several layered muscle groups that have a very important function of keeping us upright and protecting the spine and the internal organs. Weak abdominal muscles can cause an abundance of problems, ranging … Read more

Push-ups (for seniors)

push-ups for seniors

Push-ups are a simple bodyweight exercise that improves your whole upper body strength. But are they good for seniors? Read on to find out. Last time in my exercise bank -series I wrote about the lat pulldown for seniors. The lat pulldown is a great upper body exercise that activates almost the whole upper body … Read more